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Bold | Provocative | Sexy

Cast your mind back to the times when divas were dripping with mink stoles and high-carat diamonds; icons larger than life, like Elizabeth Taylor in the 1960s. Think also of Renaissance flamboyance, when men were dressed in colourful tights, and women in gowns with draping skirts with mermaid tails of silky fabric dragging slowly after them. Maai is here to make you exclaim “maai, oh my!” and be thankful, because it’s that rare specimen in modern perfumery, a fragrance that seemingly eschews all contemporary conventions, or political correctness, to offer massive heft, carnal glory and regal plush that seemed all but forgotten.

Impressively chypre-smelling in the opening, like a revamped version of the classic Aramis for men or of Aromatics Elixir, this monumental fragrance interweaves a distinctive animalic element of civet with the mossy base. This challenging ingredient, with aspects that suggest the scent of our nether regions, has that precious capability of bringing forth the very best out of floral oils right off the start. Tuberose, that capricious lady of the night, with its green camphor top note, is here accosted by said civet and by the jasmine-like exotic ylang ylang. The result feels like a never-ending blossoming, like those time-lapse videos of petals, furling and unfurling as the light waxes and wanes around them. And yet Maai is more than a simple floral scent. The marrying of mild rose and waxy soapy aldehydes, molecules that we know from Chanel No.5 and Calèche by Hèrmes, polish the scent, creating a special occasion perfume, when you want to imply a very suggestive sensuality underneath your totally glamorous exterior.

Top Notes: Dried Fruits, Tuberose, 
Heart Notes: Rose, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang
Base Notes: Civet, Castoreum, Hyraceum, Sandalwood, Oakmoss

Perfumer: Antonio Gardoni


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