Maria Candida Gentile



The revamped classic. An innovative interpretation where the Nose gives us a cutting-edge, absolute and extraordinary lavender. This homage to a classic becomes a masterclass in olfactory vision.

Luberon is a homage to the homonymous rocks in Grasse, Provence, where Maria Candida Gentile underwent her training as a maitre parfumeur. It is a way of challenging herself with the lavender, an absolute ingredient, to see it in the light of a different olfactory keynote which the Nose proposes.

Luberon is an aromatic floral scent and its olfactory declination justifies the difficulty of the creative challenge. Opening with the lavender head note and then on to the May rose in the heart note, before ending with oak musk in the base note. Three ingredients, three absolutes for the lavender in the Maria Candida Gentile Collection.

Top Notes: Lavender
Heart Notes: May Rose
Base Notes: Oak, Musk


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