Jacques Fath

L'Iris De Fath


L’Iris de Fath, the rebirth of a myth. Jacques Fath’s Iris Gris is known as one of the greatest perfumes if not the greatest, unequalled since its creation. The balanced duo of Iris and Peach reflects perfumer Vincent Roubert’s exceptional know-how. Launched in 1947, it disappeared the same year as Fath in 1954. Often copied and certainly never equalled, it remains unique and timeless.

It was unthinkable that this heritage remained a prisoner of the limbo of the past. Under the supervision of Creative Director Rania Naim, Parfums Jacques Fath launched an international competition of perfumers, in order to reproduce as faithfully as possible, this exceptional fragrance. The myth is reborn, thanks to two young talents unanimously chosen by a committee of experts: Patrice Revillard, Perfumer and Yohan Cervi, Creative Director of Maelström.

Like a chrysalis turning into a butterfly, it is now known as L'Iris de Fath.

Top Notes
Neroli, Petitgrain, Bergamot, Peach

Heart Notes
Iris Absolute, Iris Butter, Jasmine from Grasse Absolute, Turkish Rose Absolute, Violet Flower, Violet Leaf, Carnation Absolute

Base Notes
Oakmoss Absolute, Sandalwood, Bourbon Vetiver, Musks.

Perfumers: Patrice Revillard & Yohan Cervi


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