Etat Libre D'Orange




The at once ethereal, and somewhat alien, beauty of Scottish actress Tilda Swinton is a hard commodity to pin down. Yet the provocateur brand from France set out to do just that. And the result is as unexpected and delicious as watching Swinton in one of her many extraordinary performances. Grabbing you and never letting you go.

Centered on the mouthwatering, but quite unusual note of sweet pumpkin flesh, a known aphrodisiac that excites men, Like This reflects the qualities that make the actress the object of adoration by her numerous fans.

Radiant, with bright neroli, the green-floral smelling distillate from the flowers of the bitter orange tree, also known as Seville orange; juicy and auburn like the oil from the skin of mandarins harvested in autumn; spicy and maple-like with the addition of gingerly ginger (a fun reference to Swinton’s hair colour, we bet!); and toasted, with immortelle flowers which dot the hillsides of the countryside where she spends her holidays. The spicy citrus introduction is upbeat and exciting, preparing you for an olfactory tour de force.

The pumpkin is then sweetened with graceful rose and heliotrope, anchored with earthy, woody vetiver, and given the soft mantle of human epidermis with soft musk which keeps it soft and skin-scent like. With Like This, Etat Libre d’Orange gives us the ultimate harvest scent, the fragrance to celebrate the passage of summer into winter, and the perfume that best evokes the quiet pull that Tilda exerts on our souls.

Yes, we Like This, it’s a definite fact!

Notes: Ginger From Indonesia, Pumpkin, Tangerine, Immortal Flower, Moroccan Neroli, Rose, Spicy Notes, Vetiver, Woody Notes, Musk, Heliotrope…


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