Light Florals Discovery Set


Floral fragrances can often be very intense as the natural aromatic compounds are quite complex. Sometimes, it’s nice to have that prettiness in the background or dialled down a notch.

These fragrances are generally lighter in feel overall, so they usually are not dense Orientals. Often, the floral notes might be paired with fruits or citrus, or simply, these can be fresher, more airy scents.

Aroma molecules like Hedione are particularly important in this category. Hedione has a jasmine-like aroma, but brings so much lightness and transparency to fragrances. It’s often used in high concentrations, rather like its more woody cousin, ISO E Super.

We have carefully curated this Discovery Set of 10 Light Floral fragrances, which includes samples of the following:


April Aromatics - Rosenlust - 1 ML
Les Parfums De Rosine - La Rose De Rosine - 1 ML
Les Parfums De Rosine - Le Magnolia De Rosine - 1 ML
MDCI - La Surprise - 1 ML
Nicolai - Rose Pivoine - 1 ML
Pantheon Roma - Notte D'Amore - 1 ML
Papillon - Angelique - 1 ML
Parfum D'Empire - Osmanthus Interdite - 1 ML
Rose Et Marius - L'Eau Ensoleillee De Rose - 1 ML
Zoologist - Snowy Owl - 1 ML


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