Libertine Fragrance Discovery Set


My name is Josh and I am Libertine. I had truthfully never loved perfume. I didn't connect with the billboard messages of chic luxury and I found the scents all smelled the same. Midway through my industrial design degree I started investigating the idea of scent as art however and I was hooked. I have always loved absorbing a place through its aroma, every landscape, every city block has an scent all its own. I began to wonder if perfume could be more authentic an experience, more artful and less about fancy ass yachts and gendered scents.

I decided I would create Libertine as my response to the overly commercial world of big name perfume. It would be a creative expression, a refuge for beauty and curiosity. There would be no celebrity endorsement, no gender stereotyping; just the highest quality aromatic materials, beautiful design and amazing fragrances.

Josh Smith - Libertine

We have compiled this Discovery Set of Libertine fragrances, which includes samples of the following:

Eros Fig - 1 ML
Fin De Siecle - 1 ML
Gilded - 1 ML
Sex & Jasmine - 1 ML
Smoked Bloom - 1 ML
Soft Woods - 1 ML
Sweet Grass - 1 ML
Troubled Spirits - 1 ML


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