Maria Candida Gentile



Leucò is transcendental, elusive and mesmerising, a name that conjures up whiteness and a citrusy floral tone. A luminous dream that becomes more and more abstract thanks to the alluring and unique tuberose flower.

Leucò is a call to transcendence, starting with French ivy honey and reaching into the sacrality of incense and benzoin in the base notes. An eau de parfum with a warm and unconventional spirit, its alluring and visionary central notes, the absolute of tuberose with its sophisticated sensorial and olfactory story. Spiritual and quixotic, Leuco’s hypnotic flower in the middle note will fill your mind.

Leucò along with Syconium and Kitrea form the Calabroni triptych eau de parfums, each one opening with a different honey note, inviting us to care for our planet’s ecosystem, symbolised by the fragility of bees and insects.

Top Notes: Honey
Heart Notes: Lily, Tuberose
Base Notes: Benzoin, Pepper, Incense


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