Maria Candida Gentile

Lankaran Forest Candle


Lankaran Forest rises in the borderlands where Roman Europe converges with the nomadic travellers of the East, where Zoraster’s sublime eternal light keeps on burning and illuminating the world.

In the mild citrus groves tempered by the Black Sea breezes and in the primeval forests separating Iran and Azerbaijan, nature teaches Man the difference between contemplating and seeing, just as the candle’s flame hints at Man’s vulnerability, leading him back to his original shape. Hypnotic and elusive, enigmatic and never clichéd, it illuminates, devouring itself, sublimated in its sacrifice.

The Lankaran Forest Candle speaks ancestral tongues, radiating orange notes and lichen accords, stimulating the senses with black tea and sandalwood, putting together an ancient tale in its tang of leaves and sacred wood.

Just like the other candles in the Collection, it is created using precious wax and a cotton wick, illuminating the senses with a distinctive bouquet.

Top Notes: Petitgrain
Heart Notes: Lankaran Black Tea, Lichen Accord
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Green Leaves, Sacred Woods


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