Bienaime 1935

La Vie En Fleurs

Graceful | Petals | Delicate


A joyous life expressed in the language of flowers, La Vie en Fleurs is a technicolour bouquet punctuated with fruits - from the solar-honied warmth of mandarin citrus to rose-toned and juicy sweet raspberry.

The initial and lingering freshness of these fruit notes then reveals a floral heart dominated by the aqueous tone of peony - a graceful note that evokes a symphony of petals and new blossoms.

Drowned in the muted softness of sunlight - as if passing through a gauzy filter - La Vie en Fleurs is a perfume of atmospheric sillage; an enchanted universe that ushers in a life to be seen in pink. A sophisticated and delicate base of powders adds length, layering many distinct forms of freshness to ultimately create a scent of great poise.

Top Notes: Raspberry, Mandarin
Heart Notes: Peony, Violet, Rose
Base Notes: White Musk, Iris, Heliotrope

Perfumer: Marie Schnirer


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