Maria Candida Gentile



As radiant as dawn on a Mediterranean island, as captivating as the merging of citrus fruits and the sea. Luminous and infinite. As unequivocal as the life it incarnates, this utterly sea-inspired eau de parfum.

Kitrea playfully chases lemons on the perfect beach, stumbling by chance on the citrusy Italian honey, bergamot and geranium before lying down next to amber and merging with Posidonian seaweed under the Mediterranean sky.

Kitrea is freedom, to be worn with joy, an ode to life. A late spring or summer perfume, it pulls us towards the south to experience the magic and the caressing sirocco wind. Kitrea along with Syconium and Leucò form the Calabroni triptych eau de parfums, each one opening with a different honey note, inviting us to care for our planet’s ecosystem, symbolised by the fragility of bees and insects.

Top Notes: Lemon, Bergamot, Honey
Heart Notes: Geranium
Base Notes: Ambergris


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