Bienaime 1935

Jours Heureux

Tender | Nostalgic | Powdered


Like the unmistakable smell of a pure whipped white, Jours Heureux is a tender work that folds aroma through soft clouds and a textured blanket of fresh snow. Pristine and fluffy, the sophisticated sweetness of almond is enlivened with tonka bean and unites with the plush velvety touch of florals on a base of vanillic musk.

Powder gives way to a softness without form, an unstructured flush consisting of an assortment of carnation, violet, geranium, and rose - classical flowers evocative of the bygone.

Like discovering a work from a place and time no longer, Jours Heureux are not only happy days - here again - but nostalgic days, tender days, and warm-hearted days that envelops the wearer in what is the olfactory equivalent of a soft knit made of the finest wool.

Top Notes: Almond
Heart Notes: Carnation, Violet, Geranium, Rose
Base Notes: Vanilla, White Musk, Tonka Bean

Perfumer: Marie Schnirer


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