Jorum Studio

Jorum Studio Discovery Set


Jorum Studio is a platform for development and a vehicle for discovery launched by Chloe and Euan in 2019.

Jorum Studio is a modern fragrance company creating the highest quality perfumes whilst taking a collaborative approach to our collections.

Our focus is on the quality of the aroma, always! As such, we do everything intimately by hand, working with the finest raw materials and nurturing the subsequent solutions throughout the entire development, resting and assembly process.

Our hand-workmanship is something we value greatly. We craft products which are unique, original and contemporary.

We have compiled this Discovery Set of Jorum Studio fragrances, which includes samples of the following:

Arborist - 1 ML
Athenaeum - 1 ML
Carduus - 1 ML
Elegy - 1 ML
Fantosmia - 1 ML
Firewater - 1 ML
Gorseland - 1 ML
Healing Berry - 1 ML
Medullary-Ray - 1 ML
Nectary - 1 ML
Paradisi - 1 ML
Pentimento - 1 ML
Phloem - 1 ML
Pony Boy - 1 ML
Rose Highland - 1 ML
Spiritcask - 1 ML
Trimerous - 1 ML


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