Theodoros Kalotinis

Jasmine of Athens

Every fragrant creation of mine hides an enticing story behind it. In my perfumes you can discover my deepest emotions.

For this fragrance, Jasmine of Athens, I was inspired while strolling around the alleys of Athens. There on a sunny day the jasmine flirted with my heart, I took a blossom of the jasmine bush and headed to the Acropolis. Up there, a breeze caressed my emotions and I felt free. Suddenly I felt the need to memorize in my mind those unique notes that will make every woman explore her deepest dreams.

An explosion of true freshness and energy that consists of vanilla, giving the fragrance a slightly powdery feeling, Jasmine Absolute and Tiare Blossom. Jasmine of Athens has come to seduce everyone with its unique scent!

Notes: Jasmine, Vanilla, Tiare

Perfumer: Theodoros Kalotinis


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