Jasmin Antique


Natural | Vivid | Soliflore

If you have searched all your life for a fragrance that is faithful to the precious essence of jasmine and adheres to the highest standards of artistry, look no further than the latest creation by Rogue Perfumery.

Front and centre in the composition of Jasmin Antique is the jasmine blossom which grows in the far away countries around the Mediterranean sea. Delicate, yet powerful, it suffuses the night with its hypnotising aroma which spells romance like no other.

Jasmin Antique is not a simplistic affair though. Light, with its bright citrus opening that sparkles, it gains intensity as the night falls, when the sun is vanishing from the horizon, turning from reddish purple tones into blue, revealing spicy touches of cloves. When it’s finally pitch black with only the stars above, a smidgeon of musk and vanilla unfold, under the unfurling petals of the little white blossom, and bathe your skin in sheer sensuousness.

Top Notes: Jasmine
Heart Notes: Jasmine, Clove
Base Notes: Vanilla, Musk, Civet

Perfumer: Manuel Cross


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