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Jacques Fath was born in France in 1912. Fascinated by fashion since his early years, the young designer opens his first Couture house in Paris in 1937. His unique and glamorous style brings him immediate success. Known for dressing the "young Chic Parisian ", Jacques Fath attracts well-known and wealthy clients. Hubert de Givenchy, Guy Laroche and Valentino Garavani - all worked as assistants in his atelier and later would form their own Fashion Houses.

The perfumes’ saga begins with the launch of Chasuble in 1945. Later with the creation of Iris Gris and Green Water in collaboration with perfumer Vincent Roubert, Jacques Fath Perfumes has become legendary.

To preserve the quintessence of Jacques Fath: youth, talent and ‘joie de vivre’, Rania Naim, art director of Jacques Fath Parfums chose to collaborate with two talented perfumers Cécile Zarokian and Luca Maffei to create Fath’s Essentials Collection. The first opus created by Cecile Zarokian, who rehabilitated the mythical Green Water and created three fragrances. The second created by Luca Maffei is composed by four lines, representing “La joie de vivre” Jacques Fath inspired. The third chapter is written by both perfumers: A variation of warm colors green, amber, yellow and red reveals four enveloping scents.

Rich in sensual and textured ingredients, they are inspired by the history of the couturier Jacques Fath.

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