A one of a kind fresh Fougère fragrance for the free and independent spirit – the scent with a sense for inner freedom. A fabulous perfume evoking fresh summer mornings, lush green fields, an invigorating breeze blowing through the pines…

At the Top: Brisk, fresh green Pine stirs the senses and blends joyfully with subtle, soft herbal notes for a walk in nature!

The Heart : A rousing Tonka Bean absolute delivers the pure country-fresh fragrance of new-mown hay, with rich balsamic notes of the forest from VertiverBourbon, and the intimately mellow scent of Sylvester Pine Leaf.

Base Notes : Played by a trio of spontaneous, earthy aromas - magical Musk, a woody Oakmoss and an extremely rare, rich natural Ambergris.


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