Isabey Discovery Set

The House of Isabey dates back to 1924, where they created classic fragrances such as Lys Noir, Le Chypre Celtique, and Le Bleu de Chine. The house sadly had to close its doors in 1941 due to historical events.

Thankfully, Isabey was revived in 1999 and the original fragrances have been faithfully restored and seamlessly modernised by perfumers Luca Maffei, Jean Jacques and Catherine Selig.

We have compiled this Discovery Set of Isabey fragrances, which includes samples of the following:

Fleur Nocturne - 1 ML
Gardenia - 1 ML
L'Ambre De Carthage - 1 ML
La Route D'Emeraude - 1 ML
Lys Noir - 1 ML
Perle De Gardenia - 1 ML
Perle De La Route D'Emeraude - 1 ML
Perle De Lys Noir - 1 ML
Prends-Moi (Take Me) - 1 ML
Sir Gallahad - 1 ML
Tendre Nuit - 1 ML


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