Iris & Violet Discovery Set


One of the most prized and expensive raw materials is iris absolute, extracted from the aged roots of the Iris pallida, germanica and florentina. Also known as orris, the roots mature for a minimum of three years, before being steam distilled to form ‘iris butter’, which can be further purified to give the iris absolute. The scent of orris is complex, with an array of earthy, creamy, powdery and woody facets.

Related in scent to iris, violets have lent their sweet, powdery aroma to fragrances for centuries, though most violet in perfumes today is the result of synthetic ionones.

We have carefully curated this Discovery Set of 10 Iris & Violet fragrances, which includes samples of the following:

Anatole Lebreton - Incarnata - 1 ML
April Aromatics - Irisistible - 1 ML
Baruti - Dama Koupa - 1 ML
Dusita - Splendiris - 1 ML
Francesca Bianchi - The Dark Side - 1 ML
Les Indemodables - Iris Perle - 1 ML
Les Parfums De Rosine - La Rose De Rosine - 1 ML
Masque Milano - L'Attesa - 1 ML
Neela Vermeire - Niral - 1 ML
Parfum D'Empire - Equistrius - 1 ML


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