Les Indemodables

Iris Perle



Gossamer | Yellow-Green | Iris

Stunning – in an almost literal sense. Iris Perle stuns with a glacial shock of cold freshness, but also with a blinding radiance much like the infinite prisms of a diamond.
It begins and continues with a mesmerising sensation of textures, including powdery pollen-saturated mimosa, sharp yet cool violet leaf, fresh clary sage, earthy and cold orris, unctuous ylang-ylang, and the airy white breeze jasmine.

The atmosphere this fragrance generates tilts and rises in temperature, tonality, and saturation, as the slightest touch of green and yellow emerges amongst an expanse of medium greys coated in a salty, saline mist. So too does the orris morph in character, changing from the glacial to the bready, earthy, intense, dank, green, in infinite sublime cycles. Iris Perle is indeed a deep-sea pearl – precious and one of a kind.

Orris absolute France grand cru 0.3% (the world‘s most expensive extract).
Mimosa absolute Morocco 0.25%
Jasmine absolute India 0.7%
Ylang Ylang oil VOP Madagascar 0.7%
Contains Clary Sage from the Alps.

Maturation: 3 Weeks
Maceration: 1 Week

Top Notes: Clary Sage, Violet Leaf
Heart Notes: Iris, Mimosa, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang
Base Notes: Iris

Perfumer: Antoine Lie


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