Meditative | Sunset | Warm

A spiritual cleanse for the senses.

Indigo, with its core of mastic resin, has some parallels with Baruti’s Berlin Im Winter. Whilst Berlin is more bold and commanding, Indigo is more open and serene, reflecting the resinous, woody side of mastic.

Up the top, there’s a slight hint of dill, which perhaps comes from some interplay between sandalwood and mastic. From the beginning, it’s a woody scent, and the amber accord slowly edges it towards the warmth, but mastic’s cool, piney feel gives a gentle contrast.

There are also florals at work here. Green hyacinth, and a calm rose. The sandalwood remains present right through, and is the perfect base for this reflective scent.  

Being Extraits, Baruti fragrances should only require 1-3 sprays per wearing.

Green Top: Dill, Hyacinth
Serene Heart: Mastic, Rose, Sandalwood
Smooth Amber Base: Amber, Cedar, Sandalwood

Perfumer: Spyros Drosopoulos


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