Incense Oud

Dry | Woody | Incense

This is the fragrance of the Arabian Nights with its exceptional chord based on Omani incense, smoky and penetrating as if wafting through the churches of yesteryear; and Cambodian oud.

The soaring of artemisia and coriander breathes freshness on an ample fruity liqueur note which is warmed by the woody heart – oud, with cedar and patchouli.

The leathery animalic base notes prolong the hypnotic effect of wood and incense.

Top Notes: Artemisia, Davana, Ambrette

Heart Notes: Oud, Cedar, Nagarmotha, Patchouli, Rose, Coriander
Base Notes: Incense, Styrax, Castoreum, Amber, Musk

Perfumer: Patricia de Nicolai


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