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Immortelle Corse

Fruity | Syrupy | Immortelle

The French call it immortelle, “the everlasting”, because its bright yellow flowers never wilt. It is also known as helichrysum: “sun-colored” in Greek. Its scent that suffuses the air of the island in summer. The very symbol of the untamed, sunburnt Corsican maquis.

Though its essence has always been a leitmotif in the fragrances of Parfum d’Empire, for years Marc-Antoine Corticchiato had dreamed of turning it into the fiery core of a perfume.

Today, the dream comes alive with a scent that could only have one name: Immortelle Corse.

The fragrance opens with saffron, apricot and lemon, a trio of flame-colored notes that evokes the sunny radiance of the immortelle flower. A velvety and necessary prelude to the star ingredient.

Immortelle reveals itself as the scent moves into its heart. Though it is one of the most potent naturals of the perfumer’s palette, it is in the drydown that it most fully expresses its rich aromas of spices, liqueur, wood and fruit. As a contrast, the salty earthiness of oak moss evokes the ground that yields the plant of immortality…
The quintessence of a land set ablaze by the sun.


A word from Marc-Antoine Corticchiato…
Immortelle fascinates me. It is all around my place in the Corsican maquis, where I spend as much time as possible. I wanted its radiance during the summer solstice, when it is gorged with sun.

It was a chef friend of mine who unwittingly gave me the key to the composition: associating ingredients that have the same color. “It always works”, he claimed. As soon as I’d found my saffron – apricot – lemon accord, I knew I had the starting point of my story.

Since I wanted a velvety texture, I chose a natural, juicy apricot, which also bring a soft orange light. This is one of my shortest formulas. I wanted it to be impactful, obvious, while remaining elegant.

Top Notes: Lemon, Apricot 
Heart Notes: Saffron
Base Notes: Immortelle, Moss

Perfumer: Marc-Antoine Corticchiato


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