Hilde Soliani

Il Tuo Tulipano Giallo



The aroma of tulip in this fragrance bursts and explodes, and is extended with an impressive dose of aromatic herbs.

A hint of experimentation and clever stylisation, Il Tuo Tulipano Giallo is a synthesis of potent florals and traditional Italian-style cologne. Both styles are marked by vibrancy and luminosity, as the intense profile of zesty Calabrian bergamot is intensified by cooling rosemary and the green aromatic snap of basil.

The yellow tulip note, something of a fantasy, offers parallel spice, shivering freshness, and a unique honied sweetness that completes the fragrance. Hilde Soliani presents this fragrance to you, 
Your Yellow Tulip, and invites you to take it!

Notes: Bergamot, Basil, Rosemary


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