Hilde Soliani

Hot Milk



Hot Milk is a scent of great theatricality, and for those seeking to bend and subvert their typical understanding of what a ‘wearable’ fragrance is, Hot Milk is a prime example of this school of perfumery. On the one hand, the name hides nothing. Milk, like a salve, presents its soothing and sedate virtues. Creamy, slightly acidic, and cooling, the supple fluid clashes with the viscous oily fire of cracked black pepper, the raspy and blunt surface of cinnamon, and the fiery dragon’s breath of chilli. Altogether, Hilde has created a concentrated and bubbling bomba of delectable spices; a scented and controlled fire.

More than a contrast of cool and hot, this fragrance is a clash of dynamic intensities. A medley of spices pursue a plush milky core, like two speeds eventually uniting, overlapping to form a surprising harmony of aroma. After this exchange of intensities, Hot Milk becomes a scent of fantastic proportion and wearability - a generous study of spices kept in check, resting on a creamy and lactic surface often detected in woody categories of fragrance. An unusual yet rousing marriage of opposites.

Notes: Milk, Chilli, Pepper, Cinnamon


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