Anatole Lebreton


Spellbinding | Mystical | Incense

A half-open window allows smells from the fields and herb garden to seep in.
Dust floats through the air, illuminated by a scarlet sun.
Secular songs emanating from off in the distance come to disrupt the studious reading of ruined pages.

All-knowing book of well-guarded spells, reveal your frankincense-scented secrets! ;
Oh, powerful book of secrets, reveal your spells, lift up the soul,
ignite the senses like the smoke from incense, making the writing dance on the old book with its golden leafing from eras past and corners yellowed from damp fingers.

It began with a resin incense base. Anatole Lebreton built an entire medieval abbey scene on this sacred note with scenes of monks in burlap habits cultivating aromatic herbs in their herb gardens. However, he also wanted to introduce a human aspect into his fragrance: the damp fingers of monks leafing through old books, those that hold the recipes to their secret decoctions…  

Top Notes: Basil, Lavender 
Heart Notes: Frankincense, Cedar, Cumin
Base Notes: Patchouli, Moss, and Musk


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