green cedar


Soothing | Forest | Woody

For the visionary. A velvety rich wood.

The unique combination of a twice distilled Texas cedar and wild harvested Atlas Mountain cedar make for a distinctive, intoxicating fragrance.

Walking proudly, gazing down upon imlil valley, locking eyes, a rush of blood to your head, not letting go, of unblemished beauty… going back, again, again, a place one shouldn’t go
to, hiding for no reason, the light of cèdre gouraud… facing boundless forests, full of grace, boundless nights, a broken wine glass on the sheets, receding into the horizon… a southern escape, and those sounds, the sounds of this place, echoing in my mind, velvet curtains hiding the stage, lack of light, radiant shadows, perfect melancholia, embraced…

Top Notes: Magnolia, Cardamom
Heart Notes: Nagarmotha, Guaiac Wood
Base Notes: Texas And Atlas Mountain Cedar

All Abel ingredients are derived from natural sources. Abel guarantee fair trade and sustainable farming practices.

Perfumer: Isaac Sinclair


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