Gourmand Discovery Set


Gourmand basically means “greedy” in French, and maybe it implies a bit too much of a soft spot for sweets and vanilla. If you’re one of them, you surely know. Then again many people find that wearing a sweet, tasty fragrance keeps them off calories in the menu, satisfying a craving in an inedible way; now there’s an idea.

These are fragrances full of the scent of caramel swirls, rich chocolate puddings, soft cone ice-cream, marshmallows, a dozen different flavours of booze, and rich, succulent nuts folded into buttery cream. Mmm….They’re yummy, and delicious, and can tempt you like nothing else can, because they aim with the unmistakable lure of a feel good dessert. They’re cosy, and tempting, and make people exclaim they want to devour the person wearing them. Who can resist?

This carefully curated discovery set contains ten samples of the most delectable gourmand fragrances from LKNU.


4160 Tuesdays - Captured By Candlelight - 1 ML
4160 Tuesdays - Over The Chocolate Shop - 1 ML
4160 Tuesdays - Rhubarb & Custard 1:29 - 1 ML
Ånd Fragrance - Beån - 1 ML
Baruti - Chai - 1 ML
Baruti - Perverso - 1 ML
Freddie Albrighton - Mabel's Tooth - 1 ML
Pantheon Roma - Dolce Passione - 1 ML
Pantheon Roma - Trastevere - 1 ML
Stephane Humbert Lucas - Une Nuit A Doha - 1 ML


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