Golden Neroli


Luscious | Bright | Floral

A luscious soft floral that opens with a harmonious neroli and matcha tea accord,
a rich jasmin sambac, petitgrain and ylang ylang heart and a soft santal base.

Haze, a city coming to life, singing, something better’s to come, running away from nothing, urge to travel... waking up without leaving the bed, thinking, moving up and down, following, the sloping hills in October, sitting observingly...a beginning, lust, for life, coffee in the morning, catching the golden hours, with your eyes, in my mind, Vincent van Gogh’s immaculate landscapes... staying outside, when it is least expected, exploring, hiding, from people, the warm warm blanket of the night falling over Lisbon…

Top Notes: Neroli, Matcha Tea
Heart Notes: Petitgrain, Ylang Ylang
Base Notes: East Indian Sandalwood

All Abel ingredients are derived from natural sources. Abel guarantee fair trade and sustainable farming practices.

Perfumer: Isaac Sinclair


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