Hilde Soliani

Gli Invisibili - 24.09.11

Italian artist and perfumer Hilde Soliani, known for her unpredictable and unique charm, has launched a new line called Gli Invisibile (The Invisibles). The collection consists of seven fragrances: 24-09-11, Bambolina, Io, Presenze, Tutti Matti per Colorno, Vagabondo and Zio Agide. 

24-09-11 is dedicated to Hilde’s late father as an "angel" who guards her. Its notes are inspired by the flavours of Jerusalem, the Wailing Wall and the scents of the bazaar. She chose the notes that strongly and deeply connect her with the Spiritual.

The most important note in the perfume is calamus, which in many religions is considered a sacred grass. 

Notes: Calamus, Incense, Amber, Myrrh


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