Maria Candida Gentile



Maria Candida Gentile’s fragrance for men, a perfume dedicated to travelling, to cosmopolitan and contemporary elegance, subtle and beguiling, baptised with her name and signature.

Gentile is as gorgeous as a man can be; life lived on a ship, in Liguria, with basil and the south seas in the top notes, and osmanthus and vetiver in the base note. Geranium at its heart, a well-balanced olfactory architecture full of personal memories.

Gentile is discreet, unique and distinguishing; it sits with energy and altruism on the skin, a sign of a strong and reassuring character. Loved by men, worn by women who want to play or travel with the mind.

Top Notes: Basil
Heart Notes: Geranium, Osmanthus
Base Notes: Vetiver


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