Aroma M

Geisha Marron

$49 $190

Aroma M's newest fragrance, Geisha Marron, takes its inspiration not only from the scent of roasting chestnuts, but also from that even more widespread flavor of autumn… of red and green leaves turning to brown (marron, in French). Brown is surely the most underserved color in all of perfumery. More than any other, it evokes the musty scent of succulent overripeness, of sweetness that dares to skirt the edge of seductive decay. That is Geisha Marron's most unique quality.

Notes: Notes of muguet, which joins forces with white Japanese magnolia and white chestnut blossom. But brown needs some sparkle to bring out the depth of its tones hence the balancing addition of mandarin, bergamot, and grapefruit, tempered with leather and musk.


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