Bruno Fazzolari

Fzotic Boxed Set of 3 Soaps


“I’m passionate about soaps! I’ve been developing these for two years. Made in-house and by hand, these are simply the best!” —Bruno Fazzolari

Treat yourself every single day with this rich and fragrant lather that heightens the simple pleasure of bathing. This soap cleanses and refreshes the skin without drying or feeling greasy. Formulated for incomparable skincare with precise amounts of olive oil, shea butter, apricot kernel oil and cleansing yellow clay; all in a base of saponified sustainable palm (RSPO certified), coconut and olive oils. 

Handcrafted artisanal soap made in the tradition of savon de marseilles. Luxurious and long-lasting. This box contains one of each scent.


Honey Cedar: cedar, honey, spice, tobacco.
Toasted Lilac: lilac, toast, sweet cream.
Black Suede: leather, spice, brown sugar, white musk.


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