Hilde Soliani

Fraaagola Saalaaata



Sweet and salty, here expressed in the world of scent.

Hilde Soliani has her nose firmly on the ground, attentive to the ordinary - elevating and punctuating the everyday smells that fill our lives. The common becomes the uncommon, and here, the source of inspiration stems from that of a simple strawberry - with its delicate fruity sweetness, its sticky, juicy pulp, and a hint of the innocuous. At various stages, the strawberry is rendered into compote, jam, syrup, or even candy.

When combined with an accentuating sprinkle of salt - sparks begin to fly. The impressionistic strawberry note begins to smell like a larger version of itself, realer than real, and for those looking for strawberry - the search is over.

Notes: Strawberry, Salt


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