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Understated | Tuberose | Fougère

Tuberose moved into a Fougère context. The flower is treated with the utmost care, with the precision of a scalpel, inserted into a generous Fougère accord of lavender, tonka, and clary sage which gives the scent sturdiness and composure. Mimosa adds a fuzzy powder-sweet brightness that floats above the base.

Stems of lavender wrap around the elongated trumpet-like petals of tuberose – the two camphoraceous features vying, producing a novel sort of freshness. A floral without its florality, in a word. The fleshy, powerful, and generous white of tuberose grow along a trellis of cooling, peppery, and austere lavender.

Indian Tuberose alcoolat 15% ,
French (Saint Cristol area) fine Lavender Grand Cru 3%,
Moroccan Mimosa flowers absolute Grand Cru 1%,
Venezuelan Tonka beans absolute 3%
Contains Clary Sage oil from the Alps

Maturation: 1 weeks
Maceration: 3 weeks

Top Notes: Lavender, Clary Sage
Heart Notes: Tuberose, Mimosa
Base Notes: Tonka Bean

Perfumer: Florence Fouillet Dubois


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