Parfum d'Empire

Fougere Bengale

Warm | Tobacco | Immortelle

Edwardian dandies scented themselves with fougère, a classic fragrance family based on lavender, tonka bean and oak moss. Fougère Bengale revisits the genre with a powerful, honeyed blond tobacco accord, and carries us off to India…

Assam tea and warm gingerbread notes blend with tobacco, whose tawny aroma conjures both English clubs and the savannah where the Bengal tiger lurks… And old-style colonial elegance gives way to the smells of the savannah, carried by the sweet aromas of hay and tonka bean extracts.

Then we dive into the Indian jungle on the trail of animalic, mossy and woody notes. Patchouli, once used to protect cashmere shawls during their trip to Europe, suffuses the scent with its woody, camphoraceous aroma; vanilla adds its silky touch… And the journey to the land of the Bengal tiger ends in the palace of a maharajah.

Top Notes: Lavender, Tea
Middle Notes: Honey, Blond Tobacco
Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Oakmoss, Immortelle

Perfumer: Marc-Antoine Corticchiato



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