4160 Tuesdays

Fluffy Lemon Top


Citrus | Floral | Chypre

An art deco ice cream parlour

It’s not that fluffy and we didn’t make it with lemon; its citrus fruit arrival comes from orange, tangerine and bergamot essential oils. It reminded us of the happiness we get from eating a lemon top ice cream at the seaside on a summer day, so the name just happened.

In reality, after its happy juicy introduction, it’s a floral chypre with an iris-narcissus-lily of the valley heart, with a generous topping of white chocolate sauce, tonka absolute and musks. If we started again, perhaps we’d give it a sophisticated name, more suited to the art deco ice cream parlour of a Normandy hotel, graced with elegantly dressed artists, delicately tasting the chef’s latest culinary extravagances.

Fluffy Lemon Top will tempt you in with its friendly top notes, and draw you closer by slowly unveiling its hidden charms.

- 4160 Tuesdays

Top Notes: Orange, Tangerine, Bergamot 
Heart Notes: Orris, Narcissus, Chocolate
Base Notes: Moss, Tonka, Vanilla, Musk

Perfumer: Sarah McCartney


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