Anatole Lebreton

Fleur Cachee


Spices | Vanilla | Aura

Princess Tzacopontziza, meaning “Morning Star,” was so beautiful that her parents entrusted her to the goddess of crops and subsistence, who vowed to take care of her and preserve her virginity. But one day, while Morning Star was picking flowers in her garden, she met Zcotan-oxga, meaning “Young Buck.” The two lovers soon fled deep into the forest to the mountains, so the wrathful goddess sent forth her priests to punish the sinful lovers. Upon discovering the lovers entwined at the mountain, the priests sacrificed them. From the blood of Young Deer grew a shrub, and from that of Morning Star emerged a long, climbing vine, which wrapped itself around the trunk of the shrub. Thus caxixanath, Fleur Cachée, the hidden flower, was born.

I dreamt of a caravel laden with spices and precious woods berthing at the port to unload its goods. I dreamt of a vanilla as elegant as an aged alcohol, smoothing and gaining complexity and bouquet, permeating the barrels carrying it back to the European courts with its scent. I dreamt of a vanilla conquistador sailing around the world to conquer gourmet palates and fine noses.

Top Notes: Timut Pepper, Turmeric, Fenugreek.
Heart Notes: Sandalwood, Cedar
Base Notes: Peru Balsam, Vanilla


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