Maria Candida Gentile



The initial hint of incense reveals an amber-toned, spiritual and neo-classic essence, where citrus fruits blend with the lightness of violets and end with precious woods and vetiver.

Exultat is a ray of light, the thought of Spring, an explosion of joy that comes back again and again, filling your soul with lightness.
The purest leaves of violet and sweet violet, possessing the ability to unblock emotions, are at the heart of this creation. They bring a feeling of all-encompassing sense of protection, transmitting the original inspiration the creator of this eau de parfum had: innocence and the intimate warmth of a bride’s trousseau.

Exultat is also incense and rare wood, and hints at a parallel thread of inspiration found in the perfect setting of Renaissance Rome, in the sacredness of San Lorenzo in Lucina.

Top Notes: Somalian Incense, Sicilian Orange, Bitter Orange, Lime
Heart Notes: Violet, Violet Leaves
Base Notes: Precious Woods, Haitian Vetiver, Texan Cedarwood


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