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Chocolate | Iris | Woody Musk

Marc-Antoine Corticchiato's composition Equistrius pays tribute to Equistrius, the "bright and gleaming horse", which helped him win his most glorious victories. The horse exhales a quiet force and an immense serenity which he shares with only those who respect and understand him.

Symbol of beauty and majesty, the horse plays an important role in establishing the splendours of civilisations. Exclusiveness of great leaders, the horse is a totem for the Romans who perfumed their mounts, both to honour it and to make it more vigorous. Indispensable during the conquests, not only for battle but also for transportation, the horse represents its masters' dreams with panache. Its noble soul gives confidence and assurance. Its iridescent coat glows, transforming it into a silver hero.

Equistrius is composed around the note orris, the most precious of all raw materials used in perfumery. The orris is native to the Far East. Well-known in Roman times, it was named after the goddess orris who represents the rainbow and is messenger of Zeus. The Romans used fragrances profusely and attributed a specific perfume to all their divinities: ambergris to Venus, musk for Juno...

The orris exists in a multitude of colours resembling the rainbow which shimmers in the sun. Before becoming the flower symbol of Florence the orris was cultivated in Macedonia. It was also used in Roman pharmacy because of its soothing and calming properties. The orris scent was believed to influence behaviour in a positive way.

In Equistrius, the orris speaks majestically. Three extracts from Florence convey the fragrance. The powdery evocation of "rice powder" combines the floral connotation of violet with a unique inflection of chocolate to reveal an unknown characteristic of this legendary plant.

The orris in Equistrius is sublime due to the ambrette butter, rare and intense with its languid musky end notes. Precious and sophisticated, the ambergris and sandalwood give Equistrius its addictive powdery sensuality.

Top Notes: Iris Absolute, Violet
Heart Notes: Iris Extract, Ambrette, Rice, Chocolate
Base Note: Iris Concrete, Sandalwood

Perfumer: Marc-Antoine Corticchiato


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