Etat Libre D'Orange



He fears neither God nor man. Some battles are worth a few strikes below the belt. Secretly, he tirelessly weaves his web of seduction — and his victims get caught with delight. Friends, lovers, whoever… one only betrays a loved one. True to himself and to his own desires, the traitor is cunning and crafty but at least he does not lie to himself. Like Lucifer with the face of an angel, he makes a virtue of cupidity and knows all its rules inside and out. Whoever kisses him is damned and yet asks for more.

History is full of divine traitors who are looked on as heroes: who would be Cain without Abel, Cesar without Brutus, Cinna without Augustus, Samson without Delilah, Remus without Romulus? This perfume is a tribute to all the Judas’s of this world.

The price to pay? 30 denarius.

Notes:  Pine , Laurel , Wormwood , Clove , Geranium , Jasmine , Patchouli , Leather , Musk


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