4160 Tuesdays

Eau My Soul


Comforting | Cosy | Group Hug

Eau My Soul is the sandalwood amber scent of a group hug, made for the Facebook Group of the same name. Each one of this friendly group of fragrance fans could vote for their favourite notes, which also included frankincense, rose, honey, orris, musk, bergamot, benzoin, vanilla, myrrh, vetiver, patchouli, jasmine, lavender, cognac, tobacco, and oakmoss. 

It might sound overwhelming but it's a gentle, rich, deep smooth blend, as if all the materials we used decided to forget their differences and all join hands for the greater good.

- 4160 Tuesdays

Top Notes: Bergamot, Frankincense, Honey
Heart Notes: Rose, Sandalwood, Orris, Cognac
Base Notes: Tobacco, Myrrh, Musks, Vanilla

Perfumer: Sarah McCartney


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