Parfum d'Empire

Eau De Gloire

Herbal | Citrus | Corsica

Eau De Gloire takes us on the trail of an imperial sillage in the Mediterranean. It is Marc-Antoine Corticchiato’s tribute to the Corsicans who left their village to conquer the world, like his father who settled in Morocco to plant citrus groves, or their most famous fellow countryman, Napoleon Bonaparte. Eau De Gloire evokes these glorious, tragic destinies in which empires great or small are built… and sometimes lost by a stroke of fate.

It isn’t a picture of their island that exiled Corsican exiles carry in their hearts and minds, but the vivid smell of the maquis. “Eyes closed, in the darkest night, if by some miracle I were transported to Corsica, I would recognize it immediately by its smell”, once wrote a young student at the military academy of Brienne, then still known as Buonaparte…

Eau De Gloire opens with a refreshing burst of citrus (tangerine and bergamot), bolstered with wild lentiscus, myrtle and rosemary, and softened by suave neroli. But very quickly, the warm smells of the maquis assert themselves in the base notes, with immortelle, cistus and oakmoss, blended with incense tears.

For empire builders who have forgotten neither their origins nor those who stayed behind… and who carry their island’s immortal scent with them wherever they go.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Lavender, Myrtle, Rosemary, Mandarin
Heart Notes: Neroli, Liquorice, Tea, Incense, Mastic
Base Notes: Immortelle, Labdanum, Oakmoss

Perfumer: Marc-Antoine Corticchiato



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