Earthy Discovery Set


Many notes and materials can contribute to an earthy feel in a fragrance. These include roots such as vetiver and iris, soil notes from geosmin and mitti attar, woody notes like oakmoss and patchouli. Other synthetics such as cashmeran and ozonic/mineral/fungal smelling compounds are also used.

Earthy fragrances will typically have a green or woody character, although earthy notes can be used to give contrast to lighter, fresher fragrances.

Many of the examples in this category can be very evocative, complex, and interesting fragrances, and some will be challenging or unusual. 

We have carefully curated this Discovery Set of 10 Earthy fragrances, which includes samples of the following:


April Aromatics - Irisistible - 1 ML
April Aromatics - Precious Woods - 1 ML
Baruti - Tindrer - 1 ML
Jorum Studio - Trimerous - 1 ML
Nicolai - Patchouli Intense - 1 ML
Prissana - Haxan - 1 ML
Senyoko - Duo Des Fleurs - 1 ML
Stephane Humbert Lucas - Soleil De Jeddah - 1 ML
Zoologist - Bat (2020) - 1 ML
Jazmin Sarai - Fayoum - 1 ML


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