Dependable and classic men’s scent. Yet contemporary and very sexy too. In a kinky way!

Woody, leathery and mossy in equal measure, Duro is rugged masculinity in a bottle, and if you’ve read the 50 Shades of Grey novels, beware!

Duro was the first fragrance by Nasomatto and it paved the way for the daring and intense offerings of the Italian brand. The spicy overture is a clarion for battle, while the leather goods note lends a rougher aspect, built on the materials which recall the tanning industry; at this point the fragrance is a bit macho, but it’s crisp and tailored too. It makes its presence known and announces the wearer far ahead. There’s little tolerance for frivolities, it means business!

The extrait de parfum concentration is the richest format available for fragrance, with a high ratio of precious oils, which makes it the ultimate in luxury and wow factor. The beautifully solid caps made out of wedge wood are the finishing touch on these architectural bottles. Beautiful for the nose and beautiful to the eye as well. What’s more to desire, ladies, we ask you?


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