Andrea Maack



Dual is a unisex sport fragrance inspired by the calming water of the natural hot springs
in the Icelandic highlands. This fragrance mimics the feeling of fresh water on the
skin and the intense color spectrum surrounding the hot spring lagoons.

The powerful, uplifting aromas of ginger, lemon and pink pepper coexists with the grounded woody elements of dry amber and cedar wood resulting in an enlivening scent experience.

A contrast of deep mineralic warmth against the arctic air, the deep crimsons and yellows of sunset against a landscape of vivid forest greens and pale whites, that inimitable combination of uplift, relaxation and natural power. A fresh and striking mixture of spicy citrus, dry wood and warm amber that feels unmistakably, essentially Icelandic.

Notes: Ginger, Lemon, Cedarwood, Dry Amber, Pink pepper


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