Hilde Soliani

Drink Menta



Mint leaves turned into a potent infusion, Drink Menta celebrates the psychedelic green of mint liquor. Punchy aromatised flavour turns into a refined syrup, balanced with just enough of a herbal, grassy flavour to retain its impact. After this initial act, mint pairs up with gorgeously chewy caramel which lends a delectable feature.

A sweet finish - Drink Menta could find itself on the shelves of a lux bar, shaken to attain a frosty exterior as it's served generously with crushed ice in a Frappé style. Or, as Hilde Soliani herself suggests, served as a shot straight up with an after-dinner hit of espresso. Hot and cold, and as the Italians call it: an Affogato!

Notes: Mint, Caramel


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