Hilde Soliani

Drink Caffe



Dark roasted espresso, the national symbol of Italy (amongst many other worthy contenders) - the potent liquid that gets the country moving - receives worthy expression in the aptly named Drink Caffe.

Might we suggest that Drink Caffe is a slight misnomer? More than the taste itself, with this fragrance we are invited to savour the 
smell of coffee as its aromatic vapours rise from the demitasse, and as the rich extraction topped with a hazelnut-toned crema finds itself mingling with impressions of caramel, raw sugar, and even a hint of delicious malt biscuits.

Even more than this, there’s robust earthiness, smokiness, sparkling spiciness, and even a slight citrusy inflection that folds around the characteristic bitter profile of espresso.

Coffee, no more no less, but always so much in and of itself. Gourmand bliss.

Notes: Coffee


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