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Dirty Rose



Charred | Earthy | Rose

Dirty Rose was initially made as a bespoke fragrance for a PK Perfumes customer who requested a particular musk, as well as oud and rose.

Paul Kiler began working on the rose half of the fragrance, which he dirtied up with touches of patchouli, earth and costus. Some feedback was received from a friend who told Paul that this Dirty Rose was perfect as it is.

So he made both versions.

With Dirty Rose, a crisp red rose sits upon the charred remnants of a cherrywood and spruce bonfire. The richness of turned earth from the firepit is here, as is a saffron-like leather, shrouding the rose.

Dirty Rose Oud Extreme (DROE) takes a dose of the above and elaborates with a sweet animalic musk, sexy civet and the beguiling barnyard notes of oud.

Lovers of bold and animalic scents will adore DROE, whereas the original pillar will suit those who appreciate a challenging fragrance minus DROE's beastly touch.
(available separately)

Top Notes:
Bergamot, Black Spruce, Laurel, Cherrywood Smoke

Heart Notes:
Rose, Nagarmotha, Teak Wood, Tobacco, Cedar, Mahogany, Earth

Base Notes
Amber, Costus, Leather, Vetiver, Labdanum

Perfumer: Paul Kiler


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