Daymon is a joyful, enigmatic and present spirit – all inside.
Daymon is play and therapy.
Daymon is love that we give and receive through animals by free will.
Daymon is the being without word that reach out and love better than with conventional language.
Daymon is the eloquence of silence.
Daymon is our spiritual guide.
Imagined to be embodied in fabulous animals.

Daymon is the materialised creation of the commitment of Mendittorosa to do her bit for those animals around us without a human language or power to defend themselves against humans. It came to us in the process of the world-wide work of animal protection. We decided to support the NGO Cruelty Free Leaping Bunny by making it official what we have always been of course: Cruelty Free.

Mendittorosa also trusts and supports the Italian NGO LAV in their work to give a shelter in Tuscany for maltreated animals of any kind – you could call it “The Arc of Compassion”.

Daymon is therefore so much more than a great creation elaborated together with the Master of Perfume Luca Maffei. It is our vision to stop human violence against animals, to lessen their suffering and to set them free from slavery and slaughter. Testing and experiments. Once and for all to make clear that animals are not less worth than humans. We are all equal and should be treated like so. Humans suffer from racism, gender abuse, war and egoism, but that is something we chose to do. The animals are suffering a lot more than we, and they have done nothing.

Mendittorosa says: No. Enough is enough. Love the animals around you.

Top Notes: Angelica, Neroli, Jasmine
Heart Notes: Iris, Tonka Bean
Base Notes: Habanolide, Sandalwood, Benzoin, Ambroxan

Perfumers: Luca Maffei


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