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Datura Amaretti


Datura Amaretti asserts a heady and sensual fragrance. Between the dangerous beauty of the Datura, poisonous and proud and the delicious gourmand crunchiness of Amaretti, the perfumer has dared.

"I wanted to create an addictive and narcotic flower. An evocation of the black legend of poisons concocted by Catherine de Medici.” Patrice Revillard

The sweet blend of bitter Almond and Cherry captivates and mesmerizes, as if falling into a trap. The poisonous Datura flower exacerbates its facets to seduce and hypnotize.

Top Notes: Mandarin, Cherry
Heart Notes: Datura, Ylang-Ylang
Base Notes: Almond, Amaretti Biscuit, Musk, Cedar

Perfumer: Patrice Revillard


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